About Us

Megan Kantor began working in the skin care industry immediately after graduating from the Florida College of Nature Health. Her professional education and path has been completely organic, never influenced by mainstream techniques or chemical-based products. Megan’s love for organic skin care is completely authentic and strengthened by personal experience. For most of her life, she has been blessed with clear skin. Yet, several months before her wedding she broke out in a severe case of dermatitis, an uncomfortable raised rash around her mouth and eyes. After visiting the dermatologist and told to take steroids, Megan made a conscious decision to heal herself holistically. She went off all perscription medicine, began to eat very clean, and use only organic products. In 6 months, her skin was healthy, the dermatitis completely gone. Through this experience, Megan truly saw the power of a holistic approach and feels confident that her clients will experience the same. Megan’s facials are a true combination of medical-based skin care with the relaxation that we all need and deserve. She appreciates her profession, as she is able to connect with a variety of amazing people, help them to heal, and inspire them to take care of themselves.